Where Coaches & Clients connect

Make sure your videos are working as hard as you do.

The Hyve lets you make more money from your videos. And gives another way of boosting your personal and business profile. 

Earn extra incomeon top of your existing.

Connect with a new global client base.

We handle the marketing & payments.

No distracting ads.No tricky algorithms.

Fast Streaming.Secure hosting.

Make more from your existing videos.

Why just make money from your YouTube ads, website or MCN deal?

The Hyve gives you an additional way to make money from your videos. No lock-in deals. No confusing algorithms. A new video channel that just sits alongside everything else you are doing. There's no need to meet minimum subscriber numbers or watch-hour levels to join.

Promote your business to a new global audience.

Add more firepower to your existing social media marketing arsenal.

We bring new viewers to enjoy your videos - from right around the world. Plus, we do the marketing and handle the client payments for you. Simple business terms and your own coach dashboard to keep track of everything.

The Hyve was a no-brainer for my business.

They charge the same as YouTube, do the all the marketing

and put my videos in front of brand new clients.

– Fiona Cameron, Personal Trainer

A site that's 100% focused on fitness.

Our members come to the Hyve to watch fitness videos just like yours. 

They aren't there to watch funny cat or unboxing videos.

Members can use advanced search features to find exactly what they are looking for.

Become a Hyve coach for just $75.

Be a fitness first-mover.

It costs $75 to become a Hyve coach.

Join today then upload around 10 of your existing videos, some profile pictures and your bio and we'll even create your coach profile for you. Give it a try today. If you don't earn your membership fee back in 12 months we'll fully refund it to you.

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